Clone Saga Cover

Wow I'm all over the map with projects. I just had a creative explosion and now I'm trying to finish all the pieces that I have started. Here's an unfinished cover I'm working on for a submission packet to Marvel. Can we say clone saga? Anyone? Btw the strings from the puppets is missing. I'm thinking it'll make more sense once I finish coloring it.


2pac piece

I'm working on re-building my portfolio. I just got tired of seeing most of the stuff I have up. So I started with a portrait of Pac. This is my first run at the colors. I'm going to show it around and see what feedback I get. I definitely want to do something about the back of his neck and I'm still not sure about the floating head. How will it turn out? Who knows. The suspense keeps me up at night.


More SF!!!

I keep drawing more SF characters lately, yet the funny thing is I don't have an Xbox with SF4. I just really hope they make a wii version. I'd be all over it.

Card Submission Figure v.2


Card Submission Figure

Fully rendered figure for a card submission I worked on. I fixed some things from the previous version (like the huge head I drew at first...how did i miss that?) I'll post the fully finished version as soon as I get cleared to. In the meantime, I slapped on my Caicedo illustration logo. BAM!


Submission for card illustrations

Working on submitting some work for possibly more work. So far, this is the sketch and color comp.




All this talk of SF lately I had to do a sagat doodle. I'm liking where it's going so maybe more to come?