Collabo' #1

For those that may not know, I work at a studio in Atlanta that is FILLED with talented artists. So many artists in such a small space (sort of) that all our creative juices makes the place get hot as hell. Literally. I'm blessed to be working amongst all these other creatives and I've decided that I would start going around and hitting people up for collab work. I did this sketch of beast boy, which I've sent off to get inked by a co-worker, and now I'm anxiously waiting to get it back at a whole nother level. Ill post the inks when I get them with a link to the artist (if they permit) and hopefully pass it off to another coworker for the color drops. Im thinkin this lil' collab-projects idea of mine is gonna turn out hella interesting and hopefully kick some major creative juices into hyper-drive.