Wonder Woman

I been drawing waaaay too many dudes lately. Just needed to sketch out a female and start practicing some female anatomy, which I definitely need to do more of.


Old Iron man sketch

I found this sketch I did last year of Iron man. It's a little old but I though I'd post it anyways. I'm no longer going to have a sketch portion in my website. I'm going to leave all my sketches for this blog from now on, and hopefully also include more "behind the scenes" looks at some of the pieces I do.


Its been a long time...

Story boarding is fun but it has completely consumed me. Now that I'm starting to get a better grasp of time management, I'm trying to get back into working on revamping my site and portfolio. In the meantime here's some digital sketches, done daily for warm-up, and combined for your viewing pleasure.
Also, peep the self-portrait and the Archer (FX) sketch i did in my style. Archer's coming in January!