Radamel Falcao

I've been wanting to post this since sunday when he scored both goals in the win against Bolivia in the Copa America but the first sketch I did lacked a little bit of motion and spirit. So I attacked it again last night and was happier with the results. Our current goal scorer, Radamel Falcao. Hope he gets into true form like he does at Porto.



After watching yesterday's performance of Colombia in the copa america vs argentina, I realized something. That even though im not the biggest fan of our current coach, we do have some very noteworthy players that get overshadowed by our as of late, poor track record. So i got inspired to sketch one of those players Juan Camilo Zuñiga, currently playing club football at Napoli. His style of game reminds me a lot of Roberto Carlos. Very capable defender that can cause serious damage to the offense when running down the flank. So here's a nod to Los Cafeteros and to Zuñiga