Captain America color study

Quick color of a previous sketch to test out some textured brushes. Also, I need to get the dvd.


David Silva of Manchester City

Back again with what appears to be a recurring theme on this blog, soccer players (aka futbol/football players). This time it's David Silva from ManCity. One of my favorite players to watch on the pitch.


Archer a la Bernet

Sketched up a quick Archer in the same composition as the great Jordi Bernet. Done for the Floyd County sketchblog. Inks on vellum with a background fill in PS


quick sketch

Digital sketch I did a while back for a game software company that I forgot to post.


Radamel Falcao

I've been wanting to post this since sunday when he scored both goals in the win against Bolivia in the Copa America but the first sketch I did lacked a little bit of motion and spirit. So I attacked it again last night and was happier with the results. Our current goal scorer, Radamel Falcao. Hope he gets into true form like he does at Porto.



After watching yesterday's performance of Colombia in the copa america vs argentina, I realized something. That even though im not the biggest fan of our current coach, we do have some very noteworthy players that get overshadowed by our as of late, poor track record. So i got inspired to sketch one of those players Juan Camilo Zuñiga, currently playing club football at Napoli. His style of game reminds me a lot of Roberto Carlos. Very capable defender that can cause serious damage to the offense when running down the flank. So here's a nod to Los Cafeteros and to Zuñiga


Monkey boy sequentials- Page 01

The story board project from last post is going strong. I started laying out thumbnails to the first part of the story. Since it will be a while until I have something worth posting on it, i thought it would be a good time to finally post a lil 3 page sequential story i did a little while ago (ive been lazy to scan 11x17s on my small little scanner). Here is page one. The other two will be here shortly.


storyboard concepts

Sketched on the cintiq

Concept sketches for a storyboard piece im doing. Im almost done with the story and then itll be on to the actual boards. The project is untitled as of now.


Daily Sketchin': Wolverine

Been working on a bunch of different projects and hopefully I will have stuff to show soon. In the meantime, here's a little sketch of wolverine in action.


mock up atom eve cover

Colored in Illustrator

Brush and ink vs Manga Studio 4
Heres a little behind the scenes at piece I worked on of Atom Eve. The last two images are a comparison of traditional inking versus digital inks. My crappy scanner was not quite capturing the quality I wanted of the traditional inks so I decided to pull out the ol manga studio to ink with. Ive had the program but hadn't messed with it since getting a cintiq. Suprisingly, I really liked inking with it. I treated it like traditional inking and ended up happy with the results.
I finished it up in Illustrator and actually changed the near hand which looked hella messed up on the ink versions.


Sketch Dump

Okay i could have picked a better post title. anyways, here is the warmup sketches (and one cool down sketch) for this week.

And a sketch from a while back that I forgot to post. Pencils by my artist friend Claire and inks by me. Its an inside joke stemming from the fact that i don't master the English  language. She's hilarious.


pinup girl on the beach

Working on pieces for the portfolio. Got inspired to fully render this one out. Now on to more pieces! It doesn't stop


A mecha self-portrait of the artist

Had time this morning to add colors to my self-portrait (kinda), which I then added to the new banner on this blog. Now to change my profile pic on all my social media outlets. As always, click image for larger view.


bday card

Again came the time to make my lil older sister a birthday card. This time, keeping with the tradition of calling back our childhood, I drew Rogue, her favorite X-Men character. The two of us with our little bro loved to watch the animated series. So here's to my sis, Happy Bday! Traditional inks cleaned up in the comp.


Life drawing sessions

This is actually a mix of the last two drawing sessions Ive been to over the last two weeks. Because of personal health issues, its been hard to get a good volume of drawings out of these sessions but at least ive been practicing the figure. Mixture of pencil, ink, and charcoal.


wall mural

Finally posting these pics even though this mural has already been painted over. RIP live/love mural. Now ima go pour some liquor for you on my driveway.


Life drawings

Went to life drawing last Thursday and sketched up some doodles. A lil rusty but hopefully that will go away with more practice.


Twitter Contest winner

I recently had my first twitter contest in celebration of having 500+ followers and I decided to send this little sketch to the winner. Quick archer sketch in my style. Blue pencil and Black ink. Shameless plug: check out Archer on FX!


Wolverine vs Blanka MVC

What up world! Hope everyone had a great end of the year. I'm kicking off 2011 with a sketch done for a sketchblog by floyd county artists. You may know us as the group that brings you all the FX animated show Archer (which premiers Jan 27 by the way. plug plug). I slept on getting this done because of all the festivities of the end of the year, so all I could do was a sketch. Hopefully ill get some time to finish it off. You can also check out the other amazing artists I work with and their contributions to the blog at http://dragonstreetdoublerage.blogspot.com/

In other news, Im finishing my new website re-design which will cause this blog to chance in appearance. So be in the look out for that. Many good things coming for 2011!