NRD Comic preview

Finally got the ok to post a preview of the short graphic story I completed earlier this year. Here's the cover and 5 pages( page 4-8). Ill post more info on the anthology and when it prints as soon as I receive the info.


Inktober week one

Week one sketches of Inktober ( for an explanation of the event go here). I decided to start with Spiderman and the sinister six. The rest of the month will probably be more random.


Penguins illo

Finished the Malkin hockey illustration with the addition of Crosby. Too bad they weren't able to push a game 7. Here's to next year


Inflight- storyboards

Way back I posted some sketches of this little short story I was boarding. I put it on the back burner because of work priorities but finally finished it last week. This is a smaller version of the bigger story I had planned.