Wonder Woman Pin up Cover

I decided to go ahead and not only ink but also color the Wonder Woman sketch I did a couple weeks back. It felt so good to be working in colors since lately the majority of my time has been spent storyboarding in black and white. I think I might go back and change some of the black ink lines to color but for now Im just going to leave it as is. I did the whole thing in Illustrator CS4, which in my opinion, is the best illustrator yet. The new pen tool, the blob tool, and the new gradient tool have me sweatin this program majorly. Highly recommend it. Also sorry about the annoying watermark but I think I might start doing it with my work from now on. A fellow illustrator on twitter was unlucky to have someone swiping his art and making money off of it on a stock image website. Grr... so now my paranoid self is going to stamp my work with a big fat CAICEDO ILLUSTRATION. Take that bitters!


Archer and his paddle...and Lana

I did this sketch back in December of last year as an homage to the classic superman panel when he meets Lois for the first time. Except in this version, Archer likes paddles.

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney

Im a Manchester City fan but there is no denying the talent behind this man. I did this illustration for one of my co-workers who happens to be the nicest Manchester United fan Ive ever met. He was nice enought to get me some City gear which included the most beautiful scarf I have ever owned. So as a token of my appreciation here is the sketch and final illustration. I changed the drawing a little right before I colored it so the rough looks a little different. Also , im now thinking of doing a whole series of City players in the same style.


Wonder Woman for Radical Axis Sketchblog

Here's another Wonder Woman I did, this time for the Radical Axis Sketchblog! A bunch of us from the studio participate in weekly sketches where we pick a character or characters to sketch by the end of the week. It's a great way to see everyone's distinct approach to iconic characters. Peep out the rest of the sketches by the truly talented group of people I work with: Radical Axis Sketchblog.