They're here!

I did a sketch as a warm up one day and it inspired me into making a pinup of sorts. Here is the original sketch, digital sketch, tighter pencils, and inks. Inks on vellum, pencils on Bristol. I love inking on vellum and I’ve been messing around with it the last couple of days. Since my stuff isn’t painterly or with a lot of texture, I have found that I like to work on surfaces with smooth finishes. And it don’t get smoother than vellum. Like a baby’s butt! Colors on the way

I made a birthday card for my sis


My sister, my brother, and I LOVED animaniacs. We watched it religiously. Also, my sister and I broke my brothers arm when we were little by deciding to throw him over a couch while still holding on to his arm. Naturally, for my sister’s birthday, I decided to combine both memories in a card. Love ya sis!