mural process

I don't really have anything new to show in the process but I thought it would be cool to see the wall before paint got on it. I laid out the grid and penciled in the image and also tweaked the drawing slightly. Now I can't wait to start painting!


Mural action

Somehow I'm trying to fit mural making into my schedule. I've done two murals before, but they were free-form and kinda spur of the moment. This time Im actually planning it out somewhat, which means sketching it BEFORE drawing on the wall. Here is the sketch as well as some quick photoshop mocks of what it might look like. The colors will probably be different, since I'm thinking of picking up "oops" paint at my local Home Depot. So whatever they got I'm taking. Leaving that to chance! I'm a wild man.
Oh and in case its hard to make out, the letters say Live/Love.