The Last Air bender

Figures. Only I would get interested in a show when the show's supposed final season has ended. My younger cousins recently got me into Avatar, an amazing show about an airbender (look it up in wikipedia, too complicated to explain) named Aang who is the new reincarnated version of the avatar, set out to save the world from the evil Fire Nation. How did I miss this? I guess not being much of a nickelodeon fan probably explains my ignorance to this well crafted animation. Its a crazy amazing show that mixes incredible fight scenes with a well rounded story. Having watched the entire first season this last week (and the second during the weekend), I decided to sketch up a little bit older version of aang in my style. I can't say this show has not been inspiring. Im over here actin like a little kid, going around bending everything. Its only a matter of time before "pillow" bending attacks start to get annoying to those around me.


Lonely traveler

Did this quick sketch to warm up. Working on a twist to my style based on some illustration work I've been doing lately

New car themed illustration project

Not sure how much I can show, so for the time being thought I'd post this section from the piece I currently finished. Its the rough pencils, inks, and final colors. Look for the final piece coming soon.

Super Girl

Another quick sketch done..just starting to warm up. More to come